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Adopt digital innovation to convert your great ideas into your competitive advantage.

Xeco Labs R&D team validates your idea from a technological and business perspective. Our engineers will perform feasibility assessment, build prototypes, deploy your product and scale it to your business environment.

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Research and idea validation

We conduct in-depth research to validate your idea, define the scope and technology as well as identify possible risks.

Designing and developing a prototype

Xeco Labs creates a prototype to prove the viability of your idea. We get your feedback along the way in order to build the most accurate prototype.

Scaling to MVP and beyond

Getting to market faster than competitors is what matters. Xeco Labs creates and MVP to allow you test how users interact with your product and improves its functionality along the way.

Case Study: REBlock

REblock is a platform that aims to democratise investment in real estate by using blockchain technology.

The platform utilises blockchain technology in order to ​tokenise ​a real estate into ​blocks of one square meter. Each block is represented by a token on Ethereum blockchain and a market is created where these tokens can be purchased or traded. Any token holder have an economic ownership in the tokenised property.

REblock was a joined research project between Xeco Labs's R&D department and Investore.

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