IT Solutions for Financial Institutions

Xeco Labs is helping financial institutions to accelerate their growth and delivery of business value in a constantly changing market.

As a technology partner, Xeco Labs promotes innovation as a catalyst for your growth and efficiency. We innovate step-by-step with our clients and help them win the competition.

Our Services

Customer Onboarding

We help you improve your sales pipeline, KYC process and new-customer journey with onboarding software tailored to you need.

Portfolio Management

We build highly customised portfolio management software tailor to your needs and business model in order to improve your companies performance.

Risk Profile Management

We build the software you need to assess and manager your client's risk profile.

Integration with External Services

If you are using external and off-the-shelf software such as Salesforce to manage you business, we can help you with building software around it.

Advanced Reporting

Whether its a manual, automatic or periodic report, we provide you with advanced reporting tools to generate reports in any formats for you and for your clients.

Live Data Vendor Integrations

We help you to bring the right data for you business by integrating any data feed based on your needs.

Advanced Dashboard

Using an advanced and customisable dashboard, give yourself and your client an advanced overview of the available data.

Artificial Intelligence

Leverage A.I and Machine Learning's power in order to better understand the market and your clients and in order to expand your business.

Support for Cryptocurrencies

To help you stay ahead of the trend, we provide cryptocurrency support in all our services.

Case Study: Xeco Investment Assistant

XECO Risk Assessment is a tool that provides an interactive risk profile and asset distribution (portfolio) guidance. It helps investors and clients of asset management companies to better understand their risk profiles and the distribution of their portfolio.

Case Study: Coinograph Trading Bot

Coinograph, the Swiss army knife for cryptocurrency traders, provides a sophisticated alert service based on various technical analysis indicators.

This bot is one of the most widely used tools in the cryptocurrency trading and can be used with stock markets as well.

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Case Study: American Express - Ginger Payments

Ginger Payments is a payment service provider that enables teams to shorten their time-to-market and create better software products.

Xeco Labs was in charge of implementing American Express as one of the payment service providers for Ginger Payments.

Customised and tailor to your needs

We build highly customised software tailor to your needs and business model in order to improve your companies performance.

MiFID2 & GDPR Compliance

We build MiFID2 & GDPR compliant products by design.


In our first meeting with you, based on your needs we make a list of high-level requirements. We then do an assessment of possibilities and budget and come back to you.

  • High-level requirements list
  • Project assessment
  • Rough estimates on time and cost

Our team converts the high-level requirements into actionable tasks and make up a detailed development plan from start to delivery. To give you a sense of how the new product will look like, we create interactive UX prototypes.

  • Complete list of actionable tasks
  • Detailed development plan
  • Possible adjustments to time and cost estimates
  • Development proposal, SOW

Once the project is confirmed for implementation, our team will get at work. We use agile methodologies for iterative development and close communication between the project team and the client.

  • The product ready for production deployment
  • Documentations (technical and operational)
  • Release plan

When the product is ready for production release, we plan out the launch in sync with marketing, sales, devops and customer support teams. We also set up system health checks and define support and maintenance processes to ensure smooth operation of the system.

  • Product launch in production environment
  • Support and maintenance processes

We seek long-term relationships with our clients. Therefore, after the successful launch of the product, we offer support and maintenance services, as well as dedicated and extended teams that help you grow and expand your product further.

  • Support and Maintenance
  • Dedicated/Extended Team Proposal

Our Products

XECO Assist

XECO Portfolio

XECO Reporting


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